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It's Contagious!® Card Game

Product image 1It's Contagious!® Card Game
Product image 2It's Contagious!® Card Game
Product image 3It's Contagious!® Card Game
Product image 4It's Contagious!® Card Game

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Round up your "quaranteam" to play this fast paced, unpredictable, and virally loaded card game!

Your Goal? Be the player with the smallest viral load. Ditch as many cards into the center pile during each round without having to take the pile. Sounds easy right?

Yes, and... Enter the POWER CARDS [Hulk Roar]! These special cards give you tactical options to reverse game play, skip players, or wipe your own viral load completely... but watch out! What Power Cards do the other players have that can blow that viral load back at cha'?

Game Play

  • Time: 5-15 Minutes (varies by number of players)
  • Players: 2-6
  • Ages: 7+ (although our 5 year-old can hang quite well!)

Each Game Includes

  • 72 Cards in the Base Game
  • 23 Cards in the Mutation Pack expansion set
  • Instruction Book
  • Dead Virus Sticker (die virus, die!)
  • Durable Storage Box (unlike those UNO® boxes that shred after one use)

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