It's Contagious! Card Game Review by Woosung Boardgames


by @woosung.boardgames

💁🏻‍♂️ 2 - 6 players | ⏰ 10 minutes | ✨ Ages 7+

It’s Contagious! is a fast playing pandemic themed card game where you want to have the smallest pile of cards — your “Viral Load” — by the end of the game to win! This game has bluffing, a dose of humor and math all in one 😀. It has beautifully illustrated cards, it scales well for various player counts, it plays in 10 minutes, and is a great family game.

it's contagious card game review woosung boardgames

How To Play

To start off the game, a player draws and lays down the top card from the deck and plays it face up next to the draw pile — this is the start of the Active Viral Load. You don’t want this! The next player can now beat the current value of that card or play a Power Card (action cards with specific powers). This continues on to the next player, until someone is unwilling or unable to play, then they have to take all the cards. This gets set aside as their own viral load pile.

As cards get added to the draw pile the Active Viral Load increases. Players can match the top most card using Match Play, or play multiple cards of the same value using Paired Play. This is a great way to grow the Active Viral Load and raise the value to beat in the hope that one of your opponents has to take the pile.

If that wasn’t enough there is also the 2–8 Wild Card. This card can be any value you want 2 through 8 or played as is with your choice of value. Then there are Power Cards such as Blowback, where you can reverse the direction of play, or the nasty Contagion card where a player can pick another player to take the viral load. Another potent Power Card is Antibodies where you clear your Viral Load and send it to the draw pile — this is a wonderful card and one of my favorites.

Once the draw pile is empty, the game leans on bluffing and strategy to see who can be the first to play their last card which ends the game. Players then count their Viral Loads and the player with the lowest number of cards is the winner!

it's contagious game review

My Take

I was surprised at the amount of math and learning in this game, it’s perfect to play with our oldest daughter who can not only keep up with us, but gets to practice her math skills as well.

I like the variety of gameplay options, and there are layers of strategy making it lots of fun and makes things more challenging.

There is no better feeling in the game than playing a well timed Power Card that leaves your opponent taking the Active Viral Load. There’s definitely some, “Take that!” in this game as well so be careful who you target!

I really like this game and will be taking it with me everywhere. For anyone looking for a great new card game, this is one I definitely recommend!

it's contagious card game mutation pack woosung boardgames review
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